Stefania Zardini Lacedelli

Born in 1987 in Belluno, I have always looked for new ways to communicate the wealthy natural and cultural heritage of Dolomites. Graduated in Economics and Management of Art and Cultural Activities at Ca’ Foscari University in Venice, my master thesis M.A.P. Museums Accessibility Platform investigates how new technologies can upgrade the range of our physical experience in a museum, spreading and sharing the wealth of visitors’ interpretations to a wider community. I have been working in the museum field since 2011, when I created and directed an Educational Department at the Regole d’Ampezzo’s museum centre, Northern Italy. In addition to this professional experience, in 2014 I discovered digital heritage, a multidisciplinary field that promotes a contamination between humanistic knowledge and computer science. During a research period at the department of Media Arts and Sciences at the Duke University, North Carolina, I developed a multimedia platform for the Mario Rimoldi Modern Art Museum in Cortina, which represents an application of the Museum Accessibility Platform.

As co-founder of ADOMultimedia heritage, I am in charge of developing participatory activities, online games, educational projects, as well as establishing evaluation methodologies in order to monitor the social impact of digital activities.


Giacomo Pompanin

Born in 1985, I started my career as a professional photographer of Dolomites landscape, photoreportage, still life, architectures. My first digital heritage project was the digitalization of photographs for the Museums of the First World War in Cortina. As photographer and curator, I have developed advanced skills in the exhibition design, editing several art catalogs and multimedia applications. During winter 2014 I co-curated the multimedia exhibit D-ROCK at the Palaeonthological Museum in Cortina and I developed the related multimedia app, participating to the Heritage in motion 2015 competition. After having worked for many photographic and editorial magazines (Trendy Il Resto del Carlino, Cortina Topic, Cortina TOP Living, Cortina Magazine, Cortina WakeUp), I have managed several publishing projects on my own, both printed and digital format. I join a dynamic visual communication community attending workshops, seminars and conferences about the future of photography in digital age and new technologies for museums, involving students in digital heritage projects.

As co-founder of ADOMultimedia heritage, I am in charge of designing multimedia exhibits, app multi-devices, digital publishing projects, as well as developing visual communication and social media strategies for museums and cultural institutions.