In developing the multimedia path of the D-ROCK exhibit, held at the Paleontological Museum Rinaldo Zardini in 2014, our aim was not to preach the scientific discoveries of two great men such as Deodat de Dolomieu, who discovered the dolomitic rock, and Rinaldo Zardini, a pioneer in researching and cataloguing fossils dating back tens of millions of years. The objective was to wipe out the distance separating the historic figure from the visitor. To accomplish that, we used technology and we created an innovative multimedia guide, capable of interacting with real and virtual worlds. Dolomieu’s and Zardini’s life and discoveries are told through their own words, videos, and letters read by actors and inserted into the guide. We aimed at creating a relationship between these great men belonging to history and people today: they were not abstract figures, but men made of flesh and bone, moved by passions, helped by friends, and moving through events that led them to discover new horizons, changing the history of the Dolomites.

Client"Rinaldo Zardini" Palaeontological Museum
DateJanuary 2015

Heritage in Motion 2015